To all our customers, suppliers and friends

WOW! What a ride! But after 7 years of planting and tending the orchard, and 4 years of trying make a living out of the cider business, we have decided that it's not for us. We love, love, love the orchard and looking after the trees and making (and tasting) the cider, but on the sales and marketing side of the business, we seemed to be spending more time in front of computers than we ever did in our previous life as I.T. Contractors, and we certainly haven't had a day off in living memory (almost). So, with a heavy heart and slumped shoulders, we made the decision to pass the flame on to someone else.

So good luck to the Miles, Tim, Sarah and Suzi, I'm sure that they will love the orchard as much as we did and, hopefully, will find a better balance between growing and marketing than we did. Please support them as much as you did us.